Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Sam, Maan, Shiv, and Surilii visiting Swati. Swati warmly welcomes them. Shiv introduces Hariprasad and Madhumalti to Swati. Surilii engages in a conversation with them, and Madhu instructs the maid to bring sweets for Surilii. Swati mentions that Surilii is modern and knowledgeable. Surilii assures them that they will treat Swati like a queen. Madhu offers sweets to everyone, and Swati accepts them from Surilii. However, Surilii appears a bit sad. Shiv urges Surilii to have some sweets, and they all enjoy the treats together.

Surilii reassures Madhu not to worry, mentioning that her aunt is just like her and that every mother cares deeply for their child. She emphasizes that girls are princesses in their mothers’ eyes and expresses gratitude for giving her daughter to their family. Madhu smiles, and Surilii continues to praise Shiv and the four brothers for their caring nature. Surilii believes that Raghu will keep Swati happy and fulfil his promises, making her life exciting. Swati also assures Madhu not to worry and expresses her belief in Raghu’s commitment to her.

Elsewhere, Ambitai checks the newspaper and smiles at the picture of Shiv and Surilii. She takes the newspaper to Rani Maa, who notices dust on the glass coaster. After apologizing, Ambitai informs Rani Maa that someone has arrived. Surilii tries to convey something, but Shiv intervenes, stating that Swati and his family are well-acquainted, and their hearts are united. He emphasizes that all the brothers are the same and will treat Swati with utmost respect. Hari invites them to join them for dinner.

Shiv apologizes to everyone, admitting that he has hurt them a lot, but he promises to bring happiness to Swati. Hari expresses confidence in Shiv’s ability to take care of Swati. Surilii presents a small gift to Shiv on behalf of their family, congratulating him. Madhu instructs Swati to say thanks, but Swati feels that expressing gratitude to her family is unnecessary. Shiv announces that they will leave, and they take their leave. Madhu tells Surilii that she couldn’t treat them well, but she feels relieved knowing Surilii is there to support Swati and not let her feel alone. Surilii promises to protect Swati, considering her like a younger sister.

Swati, feeling angry, vows to become a big nightmare in their lives. Shiv commends Swati for bonding with Madhu, expressing pride in her. Surilii finds the designers and jewellers at the palace and looks forward to enjoying the wedding functions. Ambitai checks the newspaper. Sam is requested to provide his measurements for the clothes, while Rani Maa plans to welcome Swati with gold jewellery. Surilii proposes the idea of wearing matching outfits for the occasion. Rani Maa stresses the significance of delivering the clothes on time but ignores Surilii’s inquiry about the mehendi and haldi rituals.

In the kitchen, Surilii requests Ambitai to serve the food she prepared with love. However, Guni informs her that Rani Maa has warned against it, and the food has been discarded. Surilii feels hurt and disappointed by the insult to her food. Raghu arrives and lies to Rani Maa, saying that the deal with Mr Malhotra was cancelled. He pretends that he was discussing the shagun with Swati and Hari, and they liked the gift that Shiv and Surilii sent. Rani Maa asks about the gift, and Shiv explains that Surilii gave it during the shagun ceremony.


Rani Maa throws the newspaper and scolds Shiv, suspecting that someone knows a lot about their family. A fight ensues between Raghu and Shiv, with Shiv slapping Raghu. Samar vows to take revenge.


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