Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2023 Naren’s Tribute to Nandini: Exploring Her Courageous Spirit

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

While working in the kitchen, Nandini is taken aback by Naren’s sudden appearance at the window. He remarks on how long it’s been since he last saw her and she admits to waiting for him. Naren didn’t anticipate her getting so flustered, and Nandini dismissed any worry on her part. He then mentions their upcoming union, causing Nandini to turn around, only for Naren to pretend to injure his hand. She points out his acting skills but ends up hurting her own hand as well. He shows concern and asks if she’s okay and whether or not there is any burning sensation.

Nandini admires the expensive saree and jewelry, while Naren remarks on her hesitation towards the price. He later learns that she declined to buy the saree but is touched by her mother-in-law’s innocence and desire to get her excellent jewelry. Upon discovering that his mother also sees Nandini as a daughter, Naren shares this with her. Nandini then inquires about his mother’s spice preferences, to which he responds that she prefers mild, unlike himself, who enjoys spicy food. She playfully offers him a red chili but jokingly pulls it away before he can take it. Laughing, Naren bids farewell and leaves.

Jalpa compliments Nandini’s cooking as she walks out, jokingly mentioning how Nandini doesn’t let anyone else in the kitchen. Kinjil teasingly asks if Nandini can even make pasta, to which Mitesh chimes, saying she makes the best pasta. Kinjil then invites Nandini to join them, saying her brother Kunal would be a fan of her cooking. Manri admires Jalpa’s outfit and mentions that it was gifted by her parents and worth fifty-six rupees. Confused, Manri questions when Jalpa clarifies it was worth fifty-six thousand rupees, adding that it was just a tiny price compared to becoming part of the Ratansi family.

As Parvati enters, she calls out for Nandini. Jalpa immediately joins Heta’s side, and Manri introduces Naren’s family. Mitesh inquires whether Aunti Parvati went to purchase the saree with Jalpa. When Parvati asks where it was bought from, Jalpa responds with Rajkot and mentions a potential price difference. However, Parvati reveals that she bought it for only eight thousand. Manri then asks the reason for her visit. Parvati happily announces that her elder daughter-in-law has given birth to a boy, and she has brought sweets to distribute among them. Chanchal even offers praises on the occasion.

Nandini inquires about the younger daughter-in-law, to which Parvati responds that she recently gave birth to a daughter. This leads Nandini to question if the parents of Rani Ki Jhansi or Indira Gandhi had similar experiences. Chanchal intervenes and suggests that Nandini drop the subject as it is a private matter. Jalpa reminds Chanchal that Nandini holds a high position in MMM and attempts to explain that she is simply trying to convey the importance of both families in raising daughters. However, Parvati dismisses it as mere words and points out the reality of the burden once the daughters marry and move away from their homes.

Her uncle even arranged her marriage with a very wealthy family, and she apologizes to Chanchal, saying that if they ask for anything, Ishwar will be destroyed. Nandini asks how she can not say anything when her inlaws are not like this and have not demanded any sort of dowry. Jalpa thinks that Hemraj didn’t ask for anything from them, and Parvati leaves after realizing she has to share the sweets with others.

Chanchal receives a call from Hemraj, who inquires about Naren’s whereabouts. She hands him the phone and heads back indoors with a smile. Kinjil explains to Nandini that when Naren smiles a lot, it usually means he is being scolded. Hemraj questions Naren about not answering his call, to which he apologizes and explains his phone was on silent. He promises to return soon and ends the conversation with an angry Hemraj. Jalpa takes some sweets from Nandini and asks if she made them herself. Chanchal remarks that she is just a child. The rest of the family leaves with Naren while Mitesh returns upstairs.

Ishwar is worried, so Mehul says he knows why he is scared. Ishwar says they didn’t tell anyone about the dowry and that Hemraj didn’t take anything from them when, in fact, he had taken the land that belonged to the ancestors. Mehul says they have to bear it. Ishwar mentions that he told Nandini this lie, but if she discovers that the farm and well are now Hemraj’s, he must pay them off.

She asks Roopa why he didn’t go to the office. The girl asks if she is so innocent that she doesn’t know where her husband is. She asks her to send him to the office; otherwise, he will be treated harshly. When Roopa asks Naren if he lost his way, Naren turns towards the farm and informs her that this is where Nandini sits and reads an entire book. Kinjil tries to climb the ladder but cannot, so Naren says it is for intellectuals.

Chanchal becomes concerned when Heta inquires about the situation. She explained that Naren was interested in everything Nandini liked. Heta reassures her, stating that it’s essential for a husband to know everything about his fiance. Chanchal then urges Kinjil to return home quickly, but he reminds her that Baa will not allow them to leave. Despite Hemraj’s attempt to intervene, Chanchal scolds her, and she stops. Jalpa suggests calling their driver, but Naren expresses his desire to stay. He also asks how they feel about Nandini, and Jalpa, Heta, and Kinjil all express their admiration for her. However, Chanchal quickly disapproves of how Nandini interfered in Parvati Jee’s matters.

This is what Naren liked about Nandini because she doesn’t stop when she sees anything wrong happening. Naren pulls Chanchal and mentions he has to show them one last place. Heta asks Jalpa to sit in the car if she likes, but she refuses; Kinjil, on reaching the well, asks what is so important about it; Naren says this is the well where Nandini’s mother gave her life, and Jalpa, too, is scared.

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