Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023 Written Update

In the episode, Ashok asks Prachi where Khushi is. Prachi says she is in ICU. Ashok calls Ranbir and asks him how he is. Ranbir says he is fine. Ashok tells him he is very proud of both him and Prachi. He says he is thankful to God that Khushi came into his life. Prachi says in ours. Ranbir says even Akshay and Rhea helped us and appreciated them.

Ashok says he doesn’t know why today’s children don’t understand the depth of love. He says when Rhea learned about you and Akshay, she ran to you. Akshay loves Prachi very much, I have seen it, he left everything to save her. Rhea and Akshay gave their lives for Prachi, and Akshay says thank you.

Ranbir and Prachi stare at each other. Prachi sees the nurse come out and asks her. Ranbir also asks the Nurse. The nurse says she can’t tell now. Shahana says the Doctor said Khushi’s condition is critical.

Ashok says Prachi is stressed. Akshay says she would have fallen down if she had run to Khushi’s ward. Akshay holds Prachi and says you don’t take yourself seriously. Shahana tells Akshay that Prachi is fine. Akshay says he overreacts when it’s about Prachi. The doctor comes out and says Prachi is very critical.

She had much blood loss and the medicine is not working. Prachi asks him to go inside and try. The doctor says she needs divine intervention and prayers. Prachi cries and runs. Ranbir follows her. Shahana is about to leave but collides with Nurse. Prachi recalls Doctor’s words and runs. Naina’s song plays. Ranbir follows.

Both Prachi and Ranbir recall their experiences with Khushi. Prachi runs from the hospital. Ranbir slips and sits on the stairs. He cries and prays for Khushi. Khushi, I am sorry…I couldn’t save you, and can’t be with you. He says you have taken the bullet on yourself to save me. He weeps.

Then Prachi comes to the temple and asks how you can snatch a daughter from her mother, and says you have snatched my Panchi from me, but now I won’t allow you to take my Khushi from me. The mother says she will stay here until Khushi returns to her, she is my daughter and soul. She rings the temple bells.

As Khushi’s condition deteriorates, the doctor calls for the senior doctor to be called immediately. Prachi cries and rings the bell continuously. Ranbir is standing outside the ICU. A woman asks Prachi to stop ringing the bell, telling that blood is coming from her hand. Prachi says I’ll die here until my daughter lives.

Having checked Khushi, the doctor signs Ranbir. Ranbir becomes happy and runs out. He holds Prachi as she faints and falls. He sprinkles water on her face and says, “Our Khushi.”.

Ranbir says that the doctor said she is not in danger. Prachi says our Khushi, hugs him and cries. Prachi folds her hands and tells the goddess she is a jagat mata. Ranbir is invited to join her.

In response to Dadi’s question, Shahana explains that she knew Prachi went to the temple. A nurse appears and says Khushi is safe. Dida, Pallavi, and others express their gratitude to God. She asks if we can meet her. The nurse says no, not yet, as she is under supervision. Dadi thanks her.

When Ranbir brings Prachi there, Prachi says Akshay, Khushi is fine, and she’ll meet her. The nurse says you can’t meet her, and says that’s not allowed. Prachi says I’m her mother, so she’ll be happy to see me.

Prachi pleads in front of Nurse to let her meet Khushi. The nurse says just 5 minutes. Prachi goes in and looks at Khushi. Prachi comes near Khushi and gives her a flying kiss. She touches her hands and sits on the chair next to her bed. Khushi gains consciousness and says Parvati.

Khushi says she feels pain and asks where is Shiv, asking if he doesn’t love me, if he loves me then he would be here. Prachi says I am your Parvati and kisses her and hugs her saying you are fine. Khushi gets up to see him but falls back on the bed again. Prachi tells her that she is brave and will soon be fine. Khushi says she feels better after seeing him.

‘My eyes are getting closed, and it seems like I want to sleep,’ Khushi tells Prachi. Khushi closes her eyes.

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