Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update


Meet 15th March 2023, Written Update on

Ats thinks now my plan will work when I mix my Prasad into this. Gunwanti hits Manmeet on the bum. Manmeet shouts and asks her what she is doing. Everyone laughs. Manmeet shouting for help. Everyone cheering for Gunwanti. Imarti also joins Gunwanti. Meet says I wish to participate in the ritual. Manmeet runs away.

Mahendra takes him to dance, and Manmeet is about to mix his Prasad, but Mahendra takes him to dance instead. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with Bhabhi, so he should focus on my plan. Bhati watches Manmeet and wonders what he will do to Meet. Manmeet mixes it in thandai and gives it to him. She says she doesn’t want to drink. Manmeet says this is thandai and forces her to drink it. Manmeet gets pleased and leaves. He gives thandai to Mahendra, Narandra, and Bhati. Bhati says she doesn’t drink. On Holi, Manmeet says this is the Prasad and you cannot refuse it.

Manmeet walks over to the same glass, drinks it and says soon my plan will succeed, Meet has ruined my life, and I won’t leave her. Everyone starts dancing. On his bike, Manmeet enters the party to tease Meet. As Manmeet and Meet dance, the cameraman records everything. Inspector Bhati says Baba’s Prasad is working on Manmeet, so he forgot to take revenge. I should leave now as well. Meghna sees her family accepting Meet and playing Holi with her. She becomes emotional and then realizes she is just dreaming. I wish this dream to come true, Meghna thinks.

Sarkar throws water on Manmeet’s face, saying, “You’re drunk, this thandi was for Meet and Bhati. Inspector Bhati will leave soon so think fast or I should believe you’ve lost again.” Manmeet gets his senses back.

A boy gives Meet a piece of paper and runs away. In the lane behind you, Meet reads a message that says he needs your help otherwise they’ll kill him. He tries to figure it out and says he can’t see Anuja, so he starts looking for her. Inspector Bhati spots her going and follows her. Sarkar and Manmeet stop him from leaving and take him back to the party.

As Meet looks for Anuja outside, he slips and falls in the mud. Inspector Bhati tries to save Meet but falls in the mud with Meet. Manmeet remembers covering mud with hay. Inspector Bhati and Meet struggle to get up, as Manmeet records everything.

There are two people covered in mud, Meet and Bhati. Manmeet says the picture is perfect, I was drunk, but they’re acting like drunk people. Inspector Bhati throws water at Meet so she can get off the mud. He records everything and says he’ll release the movie in court and be free.

In the Sarkar palace, everyone walks in. Jasodha stops Sarkar and says you are forgetting something, we have been married for 30 years and this is the first time you haven’t played Holi with me, my holi is not complete until you apply colour to me.

Then Sarkar says someone else will be applying colour to me and a woman walks into Sarkar’s palace. Jasodha is about to apply colour to Sarkar but he holds her hand and takes the colour from her hand, pushing her away. Sarkar says another woman will be applying colour to me today. Sarkar walks to the women and applies colour and Jasodha tears.

As Sarkar removed her veil, Gunwanti revealed that she was Imartis’ younger sister Jalebi. Everyone was shocked. Sarkar applied colour to her face. Jasodha began crying and hugged Manmeet. Sarkar said that she was his second wife. After falling at Sarkar’s feet, Jasodha apologizes to him for saying I’ll die. Sarkar says if you do a mistake, I’ll bring my second wife along.

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