Pandya Store 1st July 2023 Written Update #13

Pandya Store 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Rishita consoles Natasha after she asks them not to fight. Dhara says we’re not fighting. The episode begins with Dhara explaining Prerna and becoming angry. It’s late, go to bed, Dhara tells Prerna never to say this again, the Pandya family is one and can’t be divided. Raavi says no, matter isn’t over, you are saying wrong, Rishita won’t have any objections now, because Dhara says in her favor. If the family is together, then we will vote to find out if Dhara is right.

Raavi asks those who think Dhara is right to raise their hands. Dev, Rishita, Gautam, and Dhara raise hands. Raavi asks now those who think Dhara is wrong to raise their hands. Rishita, Raavi, Krish, and Shiva raise their hands. Dhara asks who will decide now, 4 on both sides. Prerna says everyone came here for division. Rishita and Raavi agree.

According to Shiva, my existence is solely for the purpose of safeguarding my child’s future, and our family must remain united. Raavi expresses concern over the financial stability of children. This brings her great sadness, and she goes on to explain her worries to Shiva. Just then, Krish arrives and inquires about Prerna’s activities. She points out that he has returned from Canada to claim his share, and since everyone is discussing division, it may be wise for them to do the same. Meanwhile, Dev and Rishita engage in a conversation about the importance of providing security for their daughter Natasha. Dev raises a valid question regarding Shesh’s welfare. However, Rishita reassures him by stating that Shesh is resilient and she isn’t concerned about his well-being. Prerna urges Krish to make a decision that takes into account the baby’s future, before embracing him affectionately.

Dhara hugs Gautam. She asks why were you away from me. He says I don’t think you can keep the promise you made to Chiku. She asks why don’t you trust me? In spite of the fact that you stopped the children, now they have their own children, and they wish to be happy, just as you wish to be happy with your children. While sleeping, Suman and Dhara are disturbed. They wake up. Dhara wakes Chiku up and asks him to join her. She tells her plan.


Chiku leaves the house with Shweta. Dhara cries. Rishita says I am asking for Natasha’s share.


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