Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

The guardian stationed at Brar mansion refused entry to Sahiba and Seerat, prompting Keerat to threaten them. Sahiba instead suggested conversation as an alternative, but the guard still refused. Desperate to get her sister’s earrings, Seerat tried once more and Mandeep offered them food. Though hesitant at first, she agreed in the end. Jasleen wondered if Seerat had come alone in her car and was informed that her driver had left for a short while.

Angad approaches Seerat, who speaks to him in an attempt to ensnare him. He feels good and they both take notice of Keerat arguing with the guard. The guard advises Angad that two young women were trying to gain entry using a peculiar pretext. Seerat hopes it isn’t her sisters as she doesn’t want the plan to fail. Angad then spots Sahiba, displaying his usual conceited attitude towards her. Sahiba admonishes him for acting so arrogantly, promising him that it will not be effective on her, therefore starting an argument. Accusing her of endeavouring to rob his household or settling scores after yesterday’s slight, Angad finds himself on the receiving end of a formidable response from Sahiba, who commands him to let go of her hand. She then refers to Seerat as “didi”, raising a question from Angad, who is informed by Seerat that this kind of address is customary for those belonging to lower social classes when dealing with their superiors.

Santosh was anxious over Seerat’s future, and she prayed to God for help. Suddenly, a saint knocked on her door, asking for food in exchange for blessings. Without hesitation Santosh declined, making an attempt to send him away. However, the saint was already aware of her worries about Seerat and requested that she not be so concerned. Taken aback by his knowledge, Santosh took him into her home and asked if he had the ability to make Seerat marry Angad. He replied that all three of her daughters would marry into prosperous families but their prosperity would depend on Sahiba since she was the most generous out of all three girls and would acquire the most wealth out of them. She then offered him food that could last up to a month if he could change Seerat’s fortune but he simply walked away stating that neither her food nor money could change fate. His words left Santosh deeply troubled over Seerat’s well-being.

The argument between Sahiba and Angad continues, despite Seerat’s intervention. She tries to make him stop and leave, but he simply won’t relent. Eventually, he decides to walk in, and when he does Seerat walks over to Sahiba and questions her presence at the mansion. The latter hands her a mobile phone and poses a query of her own – why is she not identifying herself even now? Meanwhile, the Brars are awaiting their lunch with Seerat, unaware of the situation going on. Jasleen wonders where both of them could be whereas Kiara jokingly voices that they must be busy somewhere together. Mandeep steps in to investigate and notices Angad talking about how Sahiba had tried to barge her way into the house once more, misbehaving all the while. Upon being asked why Seerat is conversing with her rival, Angad provides an explanation.

Precap: Santosh asks Seerat what happened at Brar’s. Seerat says something magical happened, Brar called Santosh and Ajit to discuss Seerat and Angad’s alliance. Angad and Seerat dance at a lohri function. Later, Angad clashes with Sahiba. A voiceover says they are unaware of their fate.

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