Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The way Jeevika took Supriya home when he broke up with her is something Satvik remembers. Jeevika returns to her room. Satvik asks Jeevika what’s going on here? Why did she bring her home? She tells him that Supriya loves him, and that she chose family over love when she was stuck between the two. She is running for her life, so she brought her here so she could save herself.

She asks Satvik why she hasn’t told him about it yet. She asks him how she will tell him? She was trapped in it. Jeevika says that she has learned the truth about them. We don’t have a relationship, but we marry for family happiness. They will separate a few days from each other. Satvik asks her if she is acting out of anger? If she misunderstands the situation. They are not in a relationship. Jeevika asks him why she should be angry with him.

Jeevika informs them that their divorce will be finalized soon. She confesses her love for Supriya, but assures them not to worry about their families as she will handle it. Being his friend, she believes it is her responsibility. Satvik questions her about the situation and who will handle it. Jeevika clarifies that he still loves Supriya and their marriage is only in name. It would be dishonest to hide the truth and he cannot reciprocate her feelings, so it’s best to end things with Supriya. They both want each other to be happy. However, Satvik disagrees and believes it is not the right thing to do. Jeevika remains determined to make things right.

Rajnandini asks Ruhi why Jeevika brought Supriya here. She cannot comprehend it. Ruhi says that if someone else were in Jeevika’s position, they wouldn’t take such a risk. Shlok says she is right. She shouldn’t have brought Supriya home. He told her for the first time that she spoke correctly. Rajnandini asks Surpriya to leave this house. She has no right to stay here.

As Satvik recalls the incidents, he breaks things. Shlok asks him if he is angry with himself or Supriya. Satvik answers that he loves Supriya, but she left him. He gets connected with Jeevika, but did she bring her here? He doesn’t understand what’s happening here. Meanwhile, Rajnandini tells Surpriya to leave the house. She tells her she shouldn’t have come here. It was Jeevika who forced her to come here. She listened to her.

In her words, Rajnandini does not have the right to stay here. She says the house belongs to her ex’s boyfriend. When the wife of this boyfriend asked her to stay there, she agreed. She demands her to leave. Jeevika comes there and says she won’t. Jeevika talks to Rajnandini alone. In her conversation with Rajnandini, she mentions that she brought Supriya here for her. Since she loves her, she brought her here to unite them. She wanted to see his happiness.

Satvik rescues Jeevika from falling, questioning her actions. Jeevika explains she only did it for his happiness and will be content if he is happy. Ruhi tells Rajnandini that she brought Jeevika here to dance with her keys, but instead, Jeevika has chosen to live her life. Even though she remains quiet, her presence is enough. Rajnandini believes that once Supriya marries Satvik, her plan will succeed as Satvik loves her. However, Satvik assures Supriya that Jeevika is innocent and cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Supriya tells him that she is special. She reveals to him that he still loves her. She hugs him. Jeevika feels heartbroken. Satvik holds Jeevika’s hand. Later, Supriya notices that everyone is close to Jeevika. She tells Jeevika she will make him tea. He likes the handmade tea. She gives him permission to do so. Shlok asks Jeevika why she is handing her rights to Supriya. He is disappointed with her. Satvik takes Rao’s pen drive.

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