Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update:

Sai cleans her apron after food falls on it. The nurse informs her that it’s time for her OPD and the patients are waiting. Sai angrily shows her stained apron. Dr Satya enters with a tiffin and stain remover and asks if he can come in. Sai denies permission, but Satya walks in anyway. He promises to remove the stain from her apron in 2 minutes, explaining the procedure and assuring her that the stain will vanish completely. The nurse, impressed by Satya’s looks, compares him to Mr India. Satya jokingly agrees and offers his tiffin to Sai, explaining its contents in a funny manner. Sai becomes more irritated and asks him to leave.

A group of women from women’s rights organizations enter, chanting slogans against Bhavani and demanding an end to injustice against women. Bhavani asks who they are. They accuse Bhavani of mentally harassing her daughter-in-law by allowing her ex-daughter-in-law to stay in the house. Bhavani warns them to stop their drama and leave. The women accuse Bhavani of being a woman herself and yet causing injustice to her daughter-in-law. Ashwini asks them not to interfere in their family matters. Paakhi comes downstairs and informs Bhavani that she sought the help of the women’s rights organization when Bhavani refused to listen to her and remove Sai from the house. The women continue to demand that Virat’s ex-wife be expelled from the house. Virat enters and questions who told them that his wife is being physically or mentally harassed by any of his family members. The women argue that it is unjust to mentally harass his wife by allowing his ex-wife to stay in the house.

Virat defends his ex-wife, stating that she is a respected doctor and is staying with him because their daughter wants to be with both parents. He argues that if they are advocating for women’s rights, shouldn’t they consider the well-being of a child who needs both parents? The women fall silent. Virat warns them that he can take legal action against them for trespassing on his private property based on his wife’s tip-off and reveals that they came because his wife gave them a cheque for 4 lakhs. Bhavani scolds them for their cheap actions. Virat emphasizes that they are defaming genuine organizations that actually help women and clarifies that there is no injustice being done in his house. The women leave.

The nurse notices Harshad flirting with a nurse and comments that young nurses bring disgrace to their profession. Sai intervenes and reminds them that whatever happens outside the hospital is their personal issue, and they shouldn’t interfere in anyone’s personal life. Back at Chavan Nivas, the Chavans confront Paakhi for involving outsiders in their personal matters. Paakhi retorts that they were bothered by her involving outsiders, but they themselves have allowed an outsider to stay in the house. She criticizes Ninad for silently witnessing an inebriated Virat calling Sai his wife and holding her hand, and she confronts Virat for considering her a stranger. Paakhi justifies her actions and asserts that she will not share her husband with anyone, emphasizing that her husband and his house belong only to her. She gives an ultimatum to Virat, demanding that he send Sai away before she returns from the factory.

Precap: Sai informs Virat about a new irritating doctor. She asks him not to misbehave with the doctor, warning that she will punish him if he does. Virat declares that he is not just a DCP but also something else to her. Sai questions what that is.


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