Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st February 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 21st February 2023 on

Sai arrives with Savi with their bags. Savi runs and happily hugs Virat. Bhavani feels happy to see that. Savi tears Virat’s adoption papers, telling him she has a surprise for him. Sonali explains Virat promised Vinu that he would not let Sai take Savi away, so she came here to see Virat one last time before Sai took Savi permanently to Kankavali.

Virat asks Savi why she tore the adoption papers. Savi says that she now realizes he is her biological father, Chavan nivas is also her house, and she is Savi Chavan instead of Savi Joshi. Virat happily hugs her and she is right. If she is Chavan, then she will stay with her baba, Vinu dada, and grandparents in Chavan nivas. She asks everyone to clap for her. Everyone claps.

She wants to meet Vinu. Pakhi stops him and tells him Vinu is sleeping now. Bhavani it is time for Vinu to wake up and find out who his real family is. Savi leaves. Asashwini wonders who informed Savi that Virat is her biological father, Bhavani says it doesn’t matter, she should be happy. Ashwini says she is happy, but wants to know who informed her.

Bhavani fears that Sai will get angry and reveal that she told Savi about it. Virat says he doesn’t care who told the truth to Savi. She continues to shout that Vinayak is in a panic state since Sai hugged him yesterday, she is a disgrace to motherhood, etc.

Sai shouts back and warns Pakhi to stop her nonsense and describes how Pakhi forced herself to become a surrogate, committed suicide dramas repeatedly to keep Vinu with her, tried to take Vinu away from his family and kept a gun with her, and brainwashed Vinu that she was a sorcerer who wished to snatch him away from his family.

According to her, Pakhi committed all these sins and is pointing the finger at her; she is here to give her son a chance to spend a beautiful childhood with his sister, remove the toxicity Pakhi injected in his mind, and then leave for good. Trying to throw Sai’s bag, Pakhi shouts how dare she think of staying in her house and brainwashing her son, etc., and asks Virat to throw her bags out. Virat stops her.

In a visit to Vinu, Savi explains that they are biological siblings and Virat is their biological father. Vinu is shocked and asks who told her. Savi replies that she doesn’t know. Savi informs him that her mother will also stay here. Vinu panics and says she cannot stay here. He asks why he hates her mother now when he used to love her a lot before. Virat tells Pakhi that he will not let her daughter and her mother leave him again.

Ashwini says he can’t live with both his wife and ex-wife under one roof as it will bring a disgrace to them and will cause problems for them. Virat says he doesn’t know anything about that and just wants to stay with his daughter. Pakhi shouts and says she will leave the house with her son and nobody can stop her.

Precap: Pakhi packs her bag. Virat asks her not to go as Sai cannot do anything. She says Sai controls him completely. As a widow, she can’t lose her son to Sai. Virat promises her he won’t let Sai take Vinu from her. She says he always breaks his promises.

Seeing a lizard, Sai shouts and slips from the table. Virat holds her and gets lost in her gaze. Bhavani notices.

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