Teri Meri Dooriyaann Written update 5th Jan 2023


Written update of the episode – Angad loves his family

Santosh notifies Seerat that the Brar family have three young boys, and if one of them chose her, it would determine her future. This makes Seerat very happy and she hopes that they will find a way for her to attend the event. At the Brar House, the turban-tying competition begins with Javjot Bebe giving all four contestants just three minutes to finish. Kiara records everything as Dadaji requests Angad to lend a hand in adjusting the material. Angad is hesitant since he might lose, but Daarji emotionally manipulates him into helping. Jaspal has no doubt that he will emerge victoriously. With Rangde Basanti playing in the background, the three minutes come to an end and Bebe converses with each participant. Daarji teases her while proudly claiming that he won the competition, but Bebe contradicts him by naming Angad as the winner due to his superior turban-tying skills.

Daarji is left feeling sorrowful after his defeat in the competition. Bebe tries to console him by saying it’s alright that he lost against his own grandson, but Angad lowers his head silently. Just as Bebe goes to apply tilak on Angad, Gurleen notices that the end of his turban is loose and she stops her. Daarji then proclaims with delight that he has won again, causing him to feel proud of Angad’s performance as he believes his son is better than himself. Barfeer is disheartened at this but soon Angad cheers her up. Kiara remarks that it is strange to see how easily Angad accepted his loss while Jasleen wishes he would agree to marry one of the girls they’ve proposed to him. Elsewhere, Sahiba is painting pots when Santosh calls up Ajit’s cousin and requests for passes which he denies. His mother (Taiji) feels bad about this and starts to complain about her son leaving her alone in another’s house. But Sahiba does her best to make Taiji feel better.

Angad’s cousin Bikka queries him on why he removed his turban during the contest. The former instructs him to not tell anyone, but Bikka requests Angad to at least disclose the adornment. Angad just asks him to wait and see. Soon after, he presents his 17.5-carat diamond that he ordered from Belgium to Jaspal, who enquires about its price. Angad urges him to guess and declares it as 25 crores, which he purchased for the sake of decorating, hopeful that Daarji will like it. Jaspal reassures that Angad’s ornament is perfect and there is nothing to worry about. Seerat feels saddened over not being able to procure party passes, but Sahiba states they should be content with whatever they have and expresses her desire of becoming celebrated through her art; Seerat jests in reply. Santosh applies a face pack on Seerat’s face and tells Sahiba to acquire some tickets, who wonders how she can manage that; Seerat says even if they are successful in getting passes, she cannot go wearing her current clothes. Sahiba hands some money over to Santosh and leaves when someone calls her up

Garry returns home and Darji, Jaspal and everyone else begin to question him. He becomes increasingly nervous as Angad explains that he had sent Garry to meet the Netherlands clients. They all then head inside to behold Angad’s decorations; Bebe and Gurleen, however, disagree on it with the latter being particularly vocal about her thoughts. Jaspal defends Angad saying one should not comment on work if they do not contribute. Even though Bikka agrees with him, Darji believes the decorations lack their true culture, pointing at the previous year’s arrangements. Then to back her opinion, Gurleen sends a picture of Garry’s idea of decoration for Daarji to consider instead. Knowing that prayers could be hindered if this continues, Angad promises to have it fixed within three hours and someone suggests Tilaknagar as an option. It is just then when Sahiba arrives at her shop carrying a decorated pot whereupon Angad opens his car door and breaks it – thus commencing their love story!

Sahiba is compensated for her loss by Angad.

In Sahiba’s shop, Bikka takes Angad to ask for one of Sahiba’s decorative items. Sahiba insists on two party passes, which Angad denies.

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